About WSN


Wapack Sustainability Network formed as the result of an initiative of the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund; they asked us to form an "energy hub" in our region. At about the same time other folks were being asked to form similar hubs throughout the state. 

We knew and learned of other efforts to serve the entire SW corner of NH and it seemed those efforts were spread too thin, with folks being too far apart to work together efficiently. All that time, energy and carbon expended just didn't make sense and eventually those efforts ended. We decided to proceed more cautiously (think The Hare and The Tortoise) settling on the towns covered by the Monadnock Ledger (see attached map) and starting out by learning as much as we could before assuming we had a bunch of answers and wisdom to share.

We began as Wapack Regional Energy Network, yet over time it became clear the interests and needs went beyond just energy, encompassing all things related to living more sustainably; recycling, supporting local farms, local economies, overall being better stewards of the earth and just living more lightly, trying to keep this region at least as nice as we found it. 

And we learned we needed to reach beyond the choir. To make a significant difference, the work had to include efforts to reach out to those who were not already inclined to support our efforts. 

To that end, we are merely trying to help where we can, meeting you where you are, and perhaps more importantly, helping us all find the support we need to move our communities toward greater economic, environmental and socially sustainability.


To that end, we do have some projects we think we can help you with, and we invite you to help us with moving more of these forward, from concepts into actions. 

If you have ideas you want help with, or just some support bringing them forward, we’ll help you any way we can. If you’d like to join us and other like minded individuals, we welcome you to work with us on a project or two. Reach out to the Wapack Sustainability Network.


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