Sustainability Starts With You!

Start a Local Sustainability Committee

Form or join a Local Sustainability Committee. We can help you get started identifying projects, and spend less time meeting. Folks from multiple towns can form small groups working on separate but related projects, while still being a part of a greater network providing you with the support you need to get things done. We can help you and your community work together to save $$$ and make the planet just a little bit nicer, one project at a time.


Convert Streetlights to LEDs to Save $$$

Your town can save thousands of dollars by converting to LED Streetlights. The more lights you have the more you can save. With a payback of just 3-5 years, we helped a local town do a conversion and cut the bill essentially in half. Doing a little research, every town and city we looked at took at least two years to get this done, collectively costing (i.e. not saving) hundreds of thousands of $$$. It doesn't have to take that long. We can help your town get this done more quickly, saving those thousands much sooner.


Solar For You & Your Community

Many households, businesses, organizations, schools and communities are converting to solar. The numbers just make sense. But the process is not simple, and there are many choices out there, some much better than others. Choosing an installer, choosing between financing options, avoiding the "free" choices, understanding the incentives for different types of installations, even considering do-it-yourself (with a little help from your friends); all of these are options that we can help you to understand and help you get the ball rolling, to save $$$ sooner.


Solar is Sexy; Conservation 1st is Smarter

There is far more money to be saved in the long term by reducing your needs. Solar gets all the attention, but what you really want to do first is to find all the ways you can reduce the need for energy and all the other resources that steal your time and money. Weatherizing, converting all lights to LEDs, improving the efficiency of your heating system (solar powered heat pumps offer a great deal), finding hot water savings, smart thermostats, driving less, and countless other actions you can take will help to save. We can help you figure out where to start.


So Much More To Do

What can you do to help? What ideas do you have? Help us add another idea here. Help us to develop that idea so it can be shared with others.

There is no need to wait...

You can help too.